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ALLIEVO WORKSHOP / Inplant Training In IT Company / Ernakulam

About us:

Allievo is a fast growing company having an impressive track record in developing, implementing and supporting high-end innovative technology solutions right from its take off. We are a highly recognized national technology company, having our own dedicated R&D and Consulting divisions supported by an excellent blend of visionary consultants consisting of Management and Technology Professionals, who hold sheer confidence, dedication, exposure, experience and commitment for inventing and implementing ideal technical solutions.

Allievo has a sole purpose of integrating real world ideas with the latest in technology. We aim to give India's most reputed training sessions in the field of Advanced Robotics, Embedded Systems, Matlab, Web Designing & Development, and Web Development with PHP, Computer H/W & Networking, Cloud Computing, C/C++/Data Structure, Java, Dot Net and Android Development.

We are a constant facilitator in the scientific and technical education of students by providing them classroom education, workshops and other resources through a wide variety of hardware and robotic kits, software based robot programming tools, android development and web based learning resources.

Area Of Training

  • Software Development (Software Development Life cycle)
  • Web Development (Software Development Life cycle)
  • SEO
  • Data Mining
  • Database Administration
  • Web Security And Networking
  • Android and Mobile Application Development
  • Image Processing
  • Live Product Development
  • Embedded System

WORKSHOP / Inplant Training

Here we are providing a better knowledge to reach the Goal. Workshop means a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project. By these workshops also we are doing the same. And this will give encourage, equip and expose to the students….


Our Mission is to make Education very easy among Indian youth by organizing Workshops and Competitions at National Level. The workshop would help youth to develop different skill and enter the real world of Development and to create an aptitude in the limitless field of education. The workshop will help them to get some new facts about Robotics and Web Development.

  • Our aim is to provide face to face sessions to the candidates who help them to understand the theory as well as practical aspects.
  • The students will definitely learn the basic concepts and will gain the practical understanding with theoretical concepts while participating in this.

(Study about robots)
(Study about image processing)
(Study of micro controllers & firmware)
It gives you the basic knowledge about a robot and how making your own robot…
This gives you the basics of Image Processing using MATLABR……
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This gives you a chance to study about the world of Electronics and how to work with it..
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(study of app development)
(study of web designing)
(Study of software developement)
Chance to know about an emerging field (Android) which can make your life fruitful. Here you will study about the app development….
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This will teach you the basics of web designing using PHP, JAVA, HTML, & My SQL…
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This gives you the idea to make your own software according to your needs….
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ROBOTERTECHNIK(Study about robots)


This is a word from german, or a best word for the workshop.It includes the full technology regarding this field.

This workshop gives you the theoretical concepts and practical knowledge in the field of artificial inteligence. And this upgrade and encorage the students to do their own robotic projects as per the requerement. Experienced personalities will handle sessions, which make you more aware with the company standerds and needs.


Aim of this workshop is to make robotic education very easy to the young engineers.


  1. Introduction to the electronics era.
  2. Basics of robotics.
  3. How to make a robot according to our needs.
  4. How to handle the Programming part.
  5. How to make your own bot.

BILDVERARBEITUNG (Study about image processing)

This is for improving your skils in image processing (matlab). This gives you a deep knowledge like how to handle and get the attributes of the image. It also includes the study of different algorithms which gives you a finer products. Here the students get a chance to work on a special task (at the end of the workkshop) and won the prices and special certificates for their skills.


Aim of this workshop is to reduce the burden of image processing & make the students to get atracted towards it.


  1. Basics about matlab and introduce matlab functions and uses.
  2. How to handle the image processing.
  3. Functions used for the image processing & how it works.
  4. How to write a code. (basics of programing).
  5. Great challenge in front!!!!!! (the competition )

EMBEDDED-SYSTEME (Study of micro controllers & firmware)


It is a German word which means “Embedded systems”

EMBEDDED-SYSTEME is to make the students to work and do their project in their own field with their own capabilities. This handles a brief study of the electronics world & embedded stream. It also includes the study about wide variety of microcontrollers. Mainly in this we are concentrating on the PIC microcontroller and its programming. We also peep into the features and modules. At last a competition will be conducted.


Aim is to give a basic awareness of micro-controllers and how to work with it. (Concentrating on PIC).


  1. Start with basics : Introduction to electronics & Introduction to microcontrollers(what its do, How it works)
  2. What are the basic modules and how it works.
  3. Know about the wide variety of micro-controllers and how to choose according to the requirements.
  4. How to program in a micro controller.
  5. Great challenge!!!!! (competition)

ANDROID (study of app development)

This gives the information like how to start with android application development. Here we are giving a brief introduction of android to students and blow their mind towards their own applications. Give the knowledge about the company standards and how to work with the same. In this we also peep to the gui tools and its functions.


Aim of this workshop is to make students to think and develop the android applications.

We have a systematic way to reach the goal.

  1. Study the basics: How to start & what are the tools.
  2. Introduction to eclipse: introduction to java and programming.
  3. Going through the tools and learn how to use it.
  4. Go through the modal applications and give practical experience.
  5. Make them to soot at the aim.!!